Income Tax

Acontax consultancy also offers service of Income-tax return to all categories of taxpayers, Corporate Revenue Enhancement Return. Our team is proficient in providing the most effective services to assist the clients in preparing and computing the taxable income and filing the timely and hassle-free return.

The taxation services comprise taxation on income earned in every financial year, an element of which is taxable as per rates by the taxation Department. The fiscal year is claimed to be from April 01 to March 31. Broadly taxpayers are classified as residents or non-residents where the individual taxpayers are classified as ‘residents but not ordinary residents’.

Our team of tax consultants and financial advisors enable us to dispense tax consultancy services that are aimed toward offering business solutions to any or all the sectors of business. Our team holds strong expertise in filing the Income-tax Return, and the forms required to file the return such as Form-10.


Tax Deducted at Source is counted as an advance tax which the Government of India levies periodically. The overall deducted TDS is claimed as a tax refund after a taxpayer files the Income Tax Return.

We help you compute the taxable income by calculating the tax reduced from the money paid at the time of making specified payments such as rent, commission, professional fees, salary, interest, etc. by the persons making such payments.

We help you to sail the various sections and forms under the Tax such as Form 24Q, Form 26Q as per the requirements of the clients.