GST Services

GST was proposed in India with effect from 1 April 2017 - with the motto One Country, One Tax, One Market. It is one of the most significant indirect tax reforms announced by the Government. GST is a massive reform of indirect taxes levied by the Central and the State Government of India.

Acontax believes in delivering the best of its capacity services to its clients, always ripening in the forms of savings, benefits, and profit to them in the future.

We believe that the struggle in operating in multiple jurisdictions gives opportunities to reduce costs and gain market share. In contrast, the jumbles of the laws make overseas outreach a complicated and cost-bearing factor for the company. We are a team with technical expertise to help you navigate through your profit & Loss charts under the tax laws worldwide as well as national legislation such as the Goods and Services Tax, India.

GST Services include:

A) GST Compliance - We help clients in fulfilling all their compliances required under Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) laws. Reviewing the information of the client and check for GST compliance as per the tax laws.

B) GST Return Filing - We provide services to the clients for filing the periodic GST returns under the other tax schemes. Our services also include gathering relevant data, reviewing of annual returns, certifying the reconciliation statements, and updating the clients on GST amendments.

C) GST Registrations - Our services for GST registration begin by assessing and determining the status as per the client’s requirement for registering under GST. Our services include the registration process including applying for the GST registration, identification of the products and services being sold under GST, amending the main points mentioned within the registration certificate under the relevant Rules of the GST laws, filing an appeal for restoration, and more.

We provide all the GST services to the clients, but our core competencies include services like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-9.

Companies all around the world are exploring to the best of their networks, increasing its outreach as globalization is counted as an essential component for being a global leader. The Acontax Consultancy has left no pages unturned to offer the best GST consultancy services in the industry.